Election Protection Hotline Available for Georgia Voters

Contact:  Adam Sweat 678.951.2172 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE asweat@progeorgia.org Election Protection Hotline Available for Georgia Voters Friday, October, 30, 2020 (ATLANTA, GA) - As Georgians cast their ballots by mail or during early voting, Georgia’s Election Protection Coalition is urging voters who experience problems voting to call the national nonpartisan Election Protection hotline 866-OUR-VOTE (866.687.8683) to report issues and get help from trained volunteers. “We want to protect Georgia voters from voter confusion, voter intimidation, and all forms of voter suppression,”said Helen Butler, Executive Director of Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda.  “Every voter has the right to a free and fair election.” The Election Protection Coalition is working with volunteers across the state who will be monitoring voter issues at precincts as well as social media to track election-related disinformation and provide accurate content to voters. Together, the coalition is encouraging media outlets and news editors to promote the 866-OUR-VOTE (866.687.8683) Election Protection hotline on their websites, broadcasts, and social media platforms as a nonpartisan resource for voters.The Election Protection hotline is also available to people speaking different languages: Spanish (888) 54GALEO (888.544.2536); Arabic/English (844) YALLA-US (844.925.5287); and Asian Pacific Islanders (404) 955.7322. Because of the increase in mail ballots and COVID-19 limiting the number of election workers, we may not know the winner of the election on election night. We need to give our election officials time to securely count all votes and provide accurate results. Media are encouraged to contact Adam Sweat from ProGeorgia, before and on Election Day regarding Georgia's election administration process. You can contact Adam at  asweat@progeorgia.org or 678.951.2172  About ProGeorgia ProGeorgia is a bold, trusted, and diverse collaborative that champions an equitable and inclusive democracy, for and with traditionally underrepresented communities. ProGeorgia supports and coordinates the civic engagement programs of our diverse partner organizations, and develops the infrastructure, executes the joint strategies, and employs new tools and technology to assure a government that is more responsive to the needs of our constituencies.

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